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ARRGHHH I HAVE LOST A SMALL CHILD!!!!!!! [Apr. 17th, 2008|12:11 pm]
[mood |numbnumb]
[music |SHUT UP AND SWALLOW -CombiChrist]

Oh BTW,I lost 50 lbs on Atkins.
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Still breathing, and more. Angry GOTH Comic book maker! [Apr. 17th, 2008|11:14 am]
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[mood |angryangry]
[music |ComiChrist "Hey you what the fuck is wrong with you!"]

Hello all you LJ spooks,
I almost purged this blog from memory, It sometimes has material that is not "job safe" so I got out of the habit of reading and updating from work (I pay for DSL at home so I do not know why I don't update from here)

No APE this year, last years was embarrassing. I brought my GF and raved about it, and all I saw was a handful of good stuff. And when I say good I mean not just art, but ideas and the things that really grab you in more than a mere passing glance that you forget the next week.

What happened to the wonderful things Slave Labor  and other real publishers used to produce? Well I'm sure they are only publishing the best of what they get from the creators. Not saying much about most comics minded people is it? It seems to me that many of the most memorable works have not been replaced. That when JV stopped JTHM and Squee and JML starting moving on to more "professionalism" after Angry Christ Comics. No spark seems to have filled the void of a midnight cackle of grim satisfaction reading a comic that makes as much as a political statement with dissatisfaction and it does with intuitive meaning all while blowing the reader away with over the top emotion. I am no longer hit by the hammer of feeling you know what the author is pissed off about. I am not able to sympathize with watered down EMO sentiment, or glorified material that is no better than a child' s idea with a professional artist ham fisting it out on to paper. I make my own now I have not submitted to a publisher in over a year because I really do not feel that the same angry people are interested in comics any more. I mean there are still good stuff being produced, I have no intention of alienating any legacy in the making. But I noticed something that I though was rather solemn,
When those "Heydays" were happening I really didn't notice how wonderful they were, just as I do now. Maybe in a few years I will be waxing  about how  great the time I am in right now is.  Maybe this is the good stuff., except I am just out of touch with the pulse and message of what is being produced. In a way it is not the publishers or creators fault at all  for the content being blaise, it might just be me being blaise.

Anyone have an opinion that reflects the opposite of what I feel is wrong with the indy and small press from the 90's as compared to the 00's? Show me it's just me, and maybe I can submit again.

My responsibilities in my new position have really taken a toll. Oh yeah, I am still in management. Still a goth. AND I GET LIED TOEVERY DAY BY MINIMUM WAGE WORKERS WHO DO NOT KNOW WHAT THAT EVEN MEANS!!!!

 I have fired more people than I have managed. People keep bitching about the low wage an I have visions of killing them when I find out they do not vote, or they are excited about Obama proposing a 150 billion dollar rehash of what we have been doing for the last 30 years. Clinton doing the same thing, except with housing, and McCain just "lowering" taxes. All that shit has been tried before. A common definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect different results. (i.e. If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again.) Of course convinced that people are not all insane they must not be informed. Yeah right. Ron Paul never dropped out people, the gold standard can be brought back. Instead of bitching about raising minimum wage to match inflation. Kill the inflation, change the nature of our money, by voting for the guy who will do this. Otherwise I hear a bitch I all I want to do it put my knee high boot in your face. With all the continued depression of our economy and the absurd idea that one of the three former mentioned candidates will win the election and actually change the economy for the better will only result in one out come. More jobs lost, more poor people, and an added percentage of crazy hopeless people out there. Do Obama, Clinton and McCain a favor, don't vote for them, it will save their lives from the  surge in lone gunmen searching for political leaders to kill in justification for  what is going wrong. Civilly disobeying is just the tip of the iceberg.

Talk to me people! If you are not pissed off, you are not informed!
Get mad as hell.
I suggest it....or else.

Ziemael Signing off....
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NO time for spell checker (so read and grimmace you engrish majors) [Nov. 6th, 2007|01:07 pm]
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[Current Location |office]
[mood |curiouscurious]
[music |MSI]

OK , this is stupid.  But first, updates. I have had a car now for the last three months. I have lost all the raises accociated with my posistion at work for the last 3 months. -$ = :(.  I have not gotten my home gym. I have therefore not lost any weight what-so-ever. Three months is also a tax quarter so I can assume some liable important fellow/lady out there has had a less fruitfull 3 months than I. Ok now that that is out of the way. 

Now on to the stupid part. Remember me "bragging" last post about comparing my work against some DC sponsored comic I had found. Well I cannot find it for the life of me. I keep finding Some stupid crap that does not even cover my exact story. But I figure there may be a savign grace here. If some of you LJers could perhaps help me track down all the comic book work on Grimms fairy tales, and look for one that covers the story called 

"The Story Of The Youth Who Went Forth To Learn To What Fear Is (or to shudder)" 

A rough translation of that in one form or another. I distinctly found it on a google search and I thought mine was much more polished. But because I cannot find the damn thing now, even my girl friend is calling me rude things, such as; not worthy of a cats purr, dooky head, and lazular. (cries) Please give me a hand here and post any links to comic work on the obove named Grimms story. Any finders will get a pez. .................... just one though, I will wipe the lint of it too. Then I can do the comparison post. But regretably the whole presentation will lose about 99% of the cool impact I was to make with the stark contrast in quality. If you can't find it at all please feel free to post a comment about what a knackered twat I am for wasting your time. And at least well all get some thing out of this.
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back... [Aug. 31st, 2007|10:41 am]
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[Current Location |Work]
[mood |creative]
[music |MSI]

 Hey all,

I have been busy lately. But I always seem to come back to read everyones sub-entertaining writs. (most are better then mine admittedly)  I have discovered (through a fun accident)another form of motivation/inspiration for comic book developers out there. When you are working on a project, use the power of the internet to frequent images of other professional works done on like subject material. Sometimes you may be in for a rude awaking or a pleasant surprise. If a legendary (artist/writer) has already covered your idea, it is best to get a good look at what they had done. But in some cases even well established publishers have put out subtandard crap that your work outshines to the Xth degree. that should give you a goal to reach/beat. Or if you think that is a good angle, search for "professional" work already published, and then redo what they did (minus infringements) but  do it better. (I call it capitol darwinism) many people tend to gravitate to the same interesting subjects so thinking of a new idea may be just a time consumer for a writers block nightmare that can easily be circumvented by what is already in front of you. Now for example, in my next posting I will show my work Vs a specific DC Comic previously published that covers the near exact same material. I will ask you Live Journal beasts to tell me which you think is better. Be brutal honest, and if it passes my peer test I will happily submit my will full works on a hapless editor. Yes...so all 1-3 of the people who actually read my LJ can refuse to comment rather than go through the fear of hearing me cry like a orphaned wilder beast calf in a banana suit.
Thank you and stay tuned for the my unprecedented LJ artwork expose. Or not, i'm sure something monumental like watching Flash Gordon or playing StarCraft will cause me to forget this whole thing until next month. Woo hoo thank the gods for ADD symptoms affecting my long term memory.

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Stolen from JD Guzman-Belew (or an exercise in sociopathy) [Jun. 15th, 2007|05:03 pm]
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[mood |awake]

This was something she took from a questionnaire from some known writer. I really did not read from who, but I am entertained with the idea of filling it out. If for self indulgence if anything else. Come to think of it, I think I'll listen to Mindless Self Indulgence when I get home tonight. Other than that, please read, be offended, then if you are literate by any method feel free to copy the questions yourself and answer them as if anyone else actually cares. 
Here goes...

What was your favourite book as a child?

"Where the Wild Things are" then another about a man who turns into sherbert when he eats too much. It was absolutely frightening. I also read many books on Martians and vampires and I loved them all althought I cannot name a single one from memory.

What do you read to your children?
"Where the wild things are" And a host of books about Sci-fi and supernatural scariness. Also a few biology books.

When you were growing up did you have books in your home?

Dads religious books and sci-fis. Moms Stephen King collection. Step dads, historical and college books.  Lots.

Was there someone who got you interested in reading and writing? 
no one in particular

What made you want to write when you were starting out?
The fact that when you say something it can be rearranged a thousand times by misquotation. Changing your weal from woe or visa verse, but when you write....yes (wrings hands slowly). It can be viewed a thousand times and the words never change, but the meanings can inspire a thousand different things. (I really do not take this question with the preconception that because I am unknown in the literary world that I am still "starting out" I have been writing for years regardless of never submitting anything of consequence to any publisher that was the slightest bit sane.)

Do you find writing easy?
When I'm "in the zen" no problem. But I wont even stare at a key board for more than 3 seconds without the muse of inspiration. So yes it is easy, but I really can't control that and I give up if it is not.
What makes you write now?
Anything that angers me can cause a flurry or typing. but the most consistent factor seems to be when I realize most times I do not see anything close to what I am doing that is published. Make me feel special, like Dana Carvey when he did the "church chat lady" on SNL

How do you write?

I am unable to count or understand time when I write, but I noticed it usually goes by 8 to 12 hours stints without sleep  with 1-10 such "episodes" each month. Much to my beaux's horror (and inability to sleep with a keyboard clicking away in the next room or mouse if it games that I am steadily losing at in it stead).

How do you survive being alone in your work so much of the time?
I forget to eat, piss, and sleep. But I guess I have a large bladder and a healthy liver. Other than that I have loved ones who leave offerings of food and drink in front of my cage. She happens to be very solitary too, but not with each other. (weird huh?)

What good advice was given to you when you were starting out?
None at all, and if was given any, I didn't listen. I find doing something and getting it wrong the best way to learn. Only if I noticed that some one did not like my work would I ask what there advice was. Then I would trash them on a personal level to devalue their opinion as a good excuse for ignoring them.  (kidding) Um my writing is too personal to really use any advice at all.

What advice would you give to new writers?

Just do it, hashing out 50 pages of crap gives you clay to work with. but spending a year on a piece of prose just 
means your not really a writer at all. I mean, what are you doing? Being a writer, or being a thinker about writing. The old adage,"Practice makes perfect" has a lot more utility than most people think. It not only applies to things you wish to do well on,but things that are not so endearing too. Such as smoking meth, procrastination, murder, tardiness and bad writing habits are not immune. So there (sticks tongue out)

What are you working on at the moment?
An RPG that has no name yet. Role playing games actually take quite a bit of technical mixed with fiction. And the process is nothing like writing novella, something I did a lot of as a teen. But I usually have more than one line in the water due to my erratic and random writing technique. Not everything I write has to be a linear story. I also do essays on politics, governmental folly, manufacturer, retail, and welfare issues. What ever strikes me as worthy of my word. I have incredible if not initally in-readible (yes let me mangle this language, it is just giving a small sample of the complete lack of logic aqquired in this venue) fun writing, but I really do not give a flying shit about what readers think.  With the exception of the game creation, I hope only to convey understanding and stirring consensus with my writing. For whatever good that could possibly do in a country populated with people who think eggs, milk, and butter are healthy outside an underfed third world country populaces daily nutritional needs. Gluttonous unhealthy pigs,(that read my shit), that they are.
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Amends for procrastination [Jun. 12th, 2007|03:49 pm]
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[Current Location |Clovis]
[mood |bitchybitchy]
[music |no Das Ich...(sad face)]

I was conveniently denied my bonus and a missing day of pay just before rent was due! Yay hurrah for payroll and HR!. So it took me an extra 2 weeks to send out my stuff (Thanks for your patience Mr. Anderson) As for getting things done, I will be ordering a home gym, becuase drawing seems to do little on reducing my "tire".  Might be purchasing a new car becuase the bike I have been riding an hour six days a week, has made ONLY my legs lithe, which is frankly, nasty (to me anyway).  Holy Shit. This LJ is boring. Or course, i'm not a paid writer so fuck off!!! (course i'm not actually talking to anyone, so that statement has little practical application)

For your entertainment I have included this picture of a baby octopus! Marvel in its wonder...

I am sure that will bring more LJ readers to me by the millions!
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*WARNING* Boring art details inside. [May. 22nd, 2007|05:57 pm]
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[Current Location |work]
[mood |tiredyet strangly invigorated]
[music |200 people breathing.]

Yes I now break the silence. I got promoted at work, so I have been very busy = all comic work was on hiatus. Nothing new, but I have 6 pages of varying material, which could loosely be called Sci-Fi weirdness for le BRUT Mag. Sending it now this week. Damn Kinko’s charges a buck for every full color reduction, not a lot really, but it takes cash out for the printing scew ups too. >:(  Feh...  When I talked to some professionals at the APE this year, they told me I had too much detail and it would be lost in the 60% reproduction. Well they were quite wrong on that, it looks great when reduced. All details in full, no loss at all. The only thing I will change is to darken some of the background lines. The second piece of advice I got was to use standard "manga" size paper to do artwork on to save cash and the pains of having to reduce the work. This I will also not heed because I would never have had such nice results if I had not done the original work on 11x17" So although I got to talk to some members of small press whose work I admire, I still am doing things my way. Whoa.... what a rebel I am. (Woot.... woot...cough)

Of course you can't come up with an innovative new creation if you follow the crowd. I believe my work stands on its own merits and my craft has finally met with unanimous nods of approval from viewers. And before you raise an eyebrow and call me a hypocrite about following crowds and all. Just remember that I really have not changed my attitude towards comic work. I submitted my old really horrible crap with as much zeal and prospect as I do now. It is just that I have noticed that nowadays I have noticed a very large change in the amount of nay Sayers against the quality and subject matter of my work.  Which is happily... none. Of course does not mean I will get published soon or over the next ten years. But as you can tell, this is not really a deterrent.


More when I feel like it’s something I should write down for public exposure…


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humpf... [Apr. 24th, 2007|03:41 pm]
I think I can safely say that the indi comic book market for the south west can be benchmarked by how many tables SLG rents out at the APE. This year they did only have half a dozen, compared to the usual ten. I detected no real air of enthusiasm during my perusing, and the self published fare was mostly web comic standard reminescent of Larson drawn badly without humor, or good copycat work without any orginal or funny content at all.  i.e. Garfield but even less humorous. Strip work, as usual, was blaise non-newsprint worthy yawnfests. I would have to say that  only Zombies & Broken Hearts (basicaly and teengoth with EMO tendencies, deals with teen problems of being a zombie) and a realy cool one about monsters in hollywood featuring Stocker's Renfield(his head is huge!) and Shellies Igor (don't call him that) teamed up as detectives who take on other monsters as clients. The title eludes me, but I bought the damn thing, and I'll find it when I get home and post it. I also purchased Smart's "Bear" and Jen's CHI. Otherwise I couldn't bring myself to buy anything else. I do not do pity purchases i.e. charity.
I wil prolly make my own ashcans if I am not published by another entity by next years APE. Because frankly my little demo pages I brought beat out 60% of the table holders as far as entertainment goes. Which is sad really cause I was just being lazy and fucking off. Well Back to work peoples.
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Back from SF... [Apr. 23rd, 2007|08:04 pm]
[mood |working]

Whoa, I can say APE was uneventful, but SF sure was not. (I am still sore) After wandering several districts for a good place to eat, (our hotel was not ready yet >:() We eventually dumped our bags off, and tromped through the rain and crazy wet homeless people to get into the APE. Only a few zombie comics caught my attention, we lushed over

jenscrowl and drtboi's CHI, and the crowd seemed lackluster, too baggy to be emo, too clean to be hippies, to bright to be goth, to plain to be punk. It really did not look alternative at all. Frankly I felt overdressed, ... well I am overdressed most days anyway but that is another thing. I had the opportunity to finally chat with rikkisimons( Who looked uncomfortable, like he was either searching for a hidden sniper rifle in the crowd or was fighting off intestinal demonic attacks) and shutterbox who were not shy to give some simple and valuable advice. Then I got a good artschool whipping from jdeguzman (who will prolly see a revamp off that concept  being sent to her in a few months), who introduced me to Brian her husband.  Didn't get to talk to danvado, but I really don't like hockey anyway, (I had 8 inch bruises covering my body as a child goalie) The weekend was also graced with the Chery Blossom festival parade in Little Osaka, which ended in one of the most horrible trapped in traffic experiences necrotaur and I have ever had. Lets just say this, it involved loud random insane shouting, sweating male genitalia, baggy sweatpants covered asses dancing, and two goths in a defensive stance with an eager knife. All trapped in a small box to top things off. But at least the swordfish was good.


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Draw for me! [Apr. 18th, 2007|04:58 pm]
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[Current Location |HELL! HELL I SAY!!!]
[mood |discontentdiscontent]
[music |NO! NO nice musics in HELL!]

Ever wonder why some people have a talent for art while you do not? It might come as a surprise, but artists are second class citizens, born to create pretty things for you. Read on if you want free work from us low caste persons.
Don't you love it when you see someones art work and immediately tell them what you  want from them? Then maybe add "I'll even pay you for it."  Well if you are going to amass fame and a large collection of truly wonderful pieces of art for free you have to know a few insider tips. The proper way to approach an artist is as follows.

1) Dress to impress, you can't go around looking to make artists beg to make things for you without the following;
Sports cap (worn at an angle), a jersey, baggy jeans (at least 6 sizes too large), underwear showing, and some decent bling bling. 

2) Look around, be absolutely sure the talented one is engaged in some personal action. You know like sleeping, working, talking or even ...minding his own business. This is imperative to establish before you barge in with your demand, otherwise they will feel you are not important enough to do work for.

3) Next, check the talented one for signs of agitation. Artists frequently ingest psychedelics to enhance creativity before performing secret rituals that involve copious amounts of plastic tubing and spackle. Bug them at the wrong time and you may be breathing through your lower abdominal area. You can tell that they are in a good mood if they are bleeding, have tears welling from the eyes or they are shouting at a loved one, preferably all three.

4)Then, if you are sure it is safe, try approaching them. Never use a name, otherwise they may think you are trying to pretend you feel the work they do has value to you. In some circles this may be referred to as "respect". Not a very good first impression.
To properly introduce yourself to an artist you must be in a loud cell phone conversation with your "baby momma" (if you don't have one just pretend) and remain on the phone during the entire interaction. Now, first start with a question, (formally in the US this usually starts with gems such as; "You smoke?", "Got a cigarette?", or "Could you spare some change?") I prefer the honest and  simple "Gimmie!" Regardless of what the artists response is, this is now the time to make demands. Such as "Your like, a goth right?" "Could you do a goth thing with like skulls and dollar signs?" "Inside a hourglass?" With some names on it, like my kids, and um my old ladies name." (Do not bother spelling the names out, it is the artists duty to research these things for you)

4)Now wait patiently for them to smile and start working on your suggestion. If they are not immediately drawing something, feel free to touch their shoulder, high five them and touch knuckles, go through the motions even as the artist cringes at the thought of skin to skin contact with you. Make inane comments that are completely out of the artists culture such as "Wus up?" if possible. Then make sure to mention that it is for a tattoo, which is such a rare event, it will truly impress them. If they look dismayed and are trying to look past you to speak with someone they are more comfortable with, firmly position yourself in their field of vision, this will get them to start drawing.

Tune in again for proper artist etiquette as observed in CA, USA. Or a possible shooting in my immediate vicinity.
On a happy note if the artist is with his girlfriend,
and looks like this;
He is very angry and you should run, 
run for your life.
*I can't help but get angry, drawing things is work, talent is an irrelevant issue. I would feel like an ass if I demanded a very crappy crayon drawing from a retarded blind monkey, because regardless of the outcome, even a child has to put pen to paper and take time and effort to produce a picture. This is an oft overlooked aspect of the treatment of artists by the public. Much less without offering a treat in hindsight. These type of people best not approach me. I tend to flinch at the whole hand slappy thing and suggest them washing their hands afterwards, because they have no fucking clue to where mine have been. (truth, see dead cat easter article) Plus I assume if you are not in a formal meeting with me, a touch means you want sex from me. (guy or girl I really do not trust anyones palms, thus the flinching) As a rule I do not have sex with anyone but the girl you see in the picture above. (the one with the black hair, not the green haired bitch with the stubble, although they both look good in a dress.....whoa...going to far here...um g'nite)

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